About Us
K&S Marketing has been active in the Libyan oil sector for over 15 years. Unlike other companies we are completely focused on Libya as our main area of business, with most of our revenue coming from this region. With the extensive experience of our directors in the market, we quickly grew to serve all the needs of the Libyan oil sector including pollution and spill control, trucks, tractors, trailers, pumps, motors, batteries, valves, rock bits, generators, tools, gaskets, spare parts as well as the full complement of refuelling and servicing equipment.

Over the past five years, our reputation has allowed us to venture into the private sector, where we have also been successful in supplying various plants and equipment from South America, Europe and the Far East. Our achievements include small cinder block plants up to full automatic asphalt and concrete plants, as well as various forms of construction equipment and their spares.

We believe our success is based not only on our long standing relationship with our clients and our continuous presence in Libya, but also in the value we place in our suppliers. Being a small, dynamic and totally focused company allows us to move quickly and effectively, whilst our continuous presence in the market, local knowledge as well as our contacts give us a distinct edge. K&S will always go that extra mile to ensure that our partners products & services are well placed in the market and given the right exposure to the right people.

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K&S Marketing Limited
159 St. Leonard Street, Tarxien, Malta, TXN 9012
www.kstrading.net – sales@kstrading.net
General Enquiries: 00356 21802512
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